Friday, 3 January 2014

New Years Resolutions

With the new year bringing thoughts of resolutions and the fact that my wardrobe has become rather thin of late (and that being a poor student I cannot afford to buy myself a new one) I have decided to take up a sewing challenge.

The main idea came from a few places:

Sewing Your Style on tumblr with her “Check Out My DIY Wardrobe” post.
Sew Country Chick with her post “Sewingyour basic Wardrobe.”

While her suggestions for a basic wardrobe is great for most people, those of us with more unusual tastes may find it a little harder.

A little info before I start. I am a Goth, a Goth with more of a Victorian flavour so most of my projects will be based around that. I adore the ornate and the unusual, as well as historical fashion so that has crept into my plans.

So here is my Sewing Plan:

- High collar blouses in black and white
- Shirt with v neck and large bell sleeves

- Semi bustled/gathered back victorian skirt
- Witchy handkerchief hem black skirt
- Corset laced pencil skirt
- Fishtail skirt with frilled bottom
- Fishtail skirt with gathered base
- Fishtail skirt with pleated bottom with alternate inner colour
- Victorian (natural form) bustle skirt
- Long skirt with back ruffles
- Knee length (for over petticoats)
       in a spider web fabric
       in plain black satin
       in blue velvet

Jackets and Capes
- Victorian military style jacket
- Lily Munster style cape
- Opera cloak
- Dolman Mantle

- Under bust sleeping corset
- Under bust everyday (underwear) corset
- Under bust pleather corset
- Under bust vinyl corset
- Under bust brocade corset

- black pencil skirt and tailored jacket set

Hats and Fascinators
- Veiled hats

And anything else I feel like making.
My main idea is to try and make one garment a fortnight. If I can make one a week, even better, but to start off with I think one a fortnight is more achievable for a sewing beginner like me.

And in the spirit of New Years Resolutions I thought I would share some of my other resolutions.

- Tightlace

- Learn to play 5 songs on the piano:
Comptine D'un Autre Ete L'Apres Midi
Lacrimosa (piano solo)
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
Swansong for a Raven (piano solo)

- Create an inspiring sewing studio space

- Design and create my dream wardrobe (Fits rather well with this)

- Own a corset collection (So does this one)

- Create a beautiful gothic garden

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