Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly - Challenge 1

For the first challenge, “Mend and Make Do” I have made a Victorian bustle pad out of an old cotton shirt.

In my research I found these two examples of similarly shaped bustles:
- This example from 1880, made of cotton muslin is very similar to the one I am making.
- This is the other example, also from 1880, is similar in shape and the ties are closer to the model I am making.

Here we have the materials and such (though not pictured are the several large cups of tea that also formed an important part of making this). And also the kuta top that formed the basis of my bustle.

Starting with my measurements and a rough guide drawn out on scrap paper I cut the general shape out, leaving a 2 cm seam allowance.

I machine stitched the main part of the bustle, double stitching to make sure no stuffing will come out, stuffed it with a combination of 'hobby fill' and partly felted merino fleece as I have them on hand, and hand stitched the cotton tape on.

The Stats:
The Challenge: No. 1
Fabric: Cotton muslin / Hobby fill / Merino Fleece.
Pattern: None, though I did draw out a rough guide.
Year: Roughly 1880'.
Notions: Cotton tape / white thread.
How historically accurate is it? Fairly accurate.
Hours to complete: About four or five (several episodes of both QI and The Addams Family), spread out between other projects.
First worn: Not yet, as I have no skirt to wear it with, but it is a start for my historical wardrobe.
Total cost: All materials were scrounged from the fabric stashes, but if I tried to give a rough estimate it would be around $6 (AU) for the cotton tape, the top I was given by a friend and the thread was about $2. The fleece I used was also given to me from a friend and the hobby fill was $9 for a 500g bag.

On-ward to the next challenge!

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