Monday, 13 January 2014

First Project for 2014!

A Sewing Machine Cover.

It has taken me a little while but it took my finally got sick of all the dust in my sewing machine to make me realise that I need a cover for it.

A quick hunt through the fabric stashes (yes plural) I found the one. Its a Halloween print quilting fabric, a purple base with little black bats and orange stars.

All the necessary components, including my cup of tea.

To start with I measured my sewing machine.

I could not find my tape measure so I just grabbed my yard stick and measured it roughly.

Then measured the pattern out with scrap paper.

Cut the fabric to size, leaving about 2 cm gap all the way around for seam allowance.

Sew together.

To finish I edged the bottom with some black satin ribbon I had laying around.

And voila, my sewing machine cover is complete.

I had thought of lining it with something to stiffen it up, like cardboard, interfacing or wadding but a lack of suitable materials and a severe case of the “couldn't-be-bothered-s” I left it as it is. It does the job, that is all that matters.

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