Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Joining The Historical Sew Fortnightly.


I stumbled upon the blog of Leimomi Oakes, The Dreamstress, halfway through last year, and her wonderful challenge,the Historical Sew Fortnightly (HSF). Inspired by it I had thought of joining at the beginning of the next year, but events and time pushed all thoughts of it out of my head, until it came up in my web trawlings the other day.

So I decided this year was the one I was going to join in.

The challenges have been set and my mind is already ticking over the possibilities.

I think I should note now that my historical accuracy may be a little out, as I am going for wearable as well as historical. And in my case it means most things will be made on the darker side of the spectrum.

Wish me luck.

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